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“Whether we buy your house or not, we always listen and ask questions to determine the best way to help.”

NC Real Estate Solutions, LLC, was founded in 2013 with owners living in Greensboro and Summerfield, NC.  We buy, sell and rent as well as offer homes rent-to-own in Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point – The Piedmont Triad – and all surrounding communities.  We’re a local, family-owned business that focuses on helping homeowners like you sell properties quickly and easily.

We think it’s important for everyone to know a little about who they are working with and their philosophy of doing business.  You might be thinking about someone with their chin in their hand when you think about philosophy.  For us, philosophy is not about thinking and words – it’s about action.  We take action to help everyone who calls us.  First of all, we are continually educating ourselves to expand our abilities to offer assistance in as many situations as possible.  We tackle this priority by keeping up with government programs, monitoring ever-changing real estate law, attending seminars, monitoring county and neighborhood trends (real estate is local!), and lots and lots of reading.  You won’t hear us spout information that doesn’t apply to your situation, however, just to sound smart!  :^)  For us, education is about service.  Whether we buy your house or not, we always listen and ask questions to determine the best way to help.  If working with us is a good fit, we dive in and get to work to help you complete the task of selling quickly and easily by working with our network of realtors, attorneys and contractors to close transactions quickly.

“Our business is built on the principle of serving the community.”

We work with local companies to place employees in housing as well as working with individuals with insufficient credit to get a bank loan for the home of their dreams.  Many of the properties we purchase in turn make a big impact in the lives of others in our community.  Our business is built on the principles of serving the community.  A likely scenario with your home could be – we agree to price and terms and buy your property, we then extend the opportunity to purchase the home to someone that cannot get bank financing due to the hardships that many faced (and continue to face) in recent years.

“We are excited to offer our service and eager to help you.”

Everyone who truly serves knows there is no higher calling that to serve others.  We take any opportunity to serve seriously.  We believe it’s a blessing to do meaningful work that provides for our families AND positively impacts the lives in our own community.  With NC Real Estate Solutions, everyone wins.  We are excited to offer our service and eager to help you.  We promise that when you talk with us, you will have the information you need to make the best decision for you.  That piece of mind is priceless.  Call today.

So Who Are We?

NC Real Estate Solutions is the Triad’s most respected house buying service.  Our professional, experienced home buying team has been built from the ground up with the goal of helping homeowners like you sell your house fast, with no hassle, no games, no fees, and with transparency and integrity, from start to finish.

We buy houses in Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point  – “The Piedmont Triad” of central North Carolina – as well as all surrounding communities.   Our home buying team can help you be free of your house Greensboro fast no matter where in or around the Triad the house is, no matter it’s condition, whether you’re upside down on your mortgage or not.

Again, we’re not agents. We are actually house buyers and have our own cash… so we can make you an offer on the spot. Once we make you an offer you can take that offer, shop it around if you want, talk it over with others, and think about it if you want.  We won’t pressure you one bit.

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